1vs1 Breaking Battles


The World Breaking Battle is a straight battle; 1 vs 1. Participants are judged on their demonstration and performance of the essential foundations of Bboying and Bgirling consisting of top rock, up rock, legwork, footwork, power moves, freezes as well as the following:

  • Style - feeling or expressing the moves, “flava”, the manner in which you present
  • Character – self-expression, facial reactions, demonstrating feelings
  • Originality – individual presence and style, being different
  • Smoothness – very clean in presentation and go down with no slips, falls, stuttering, rough edges or being stuck in a move
  • Difficult combinations – self-explanatory
  • Execution – perform the moves with correct body placement and technique
  • Musicality – perform the moves in time with the music; correctly utilizing the music and dance
  • Energy – Exhibiting strong and exciting physical presence
  • Creativity – bringing something new to the dance more than the basics
  • Low number of repeat moves – do not repeat the same set or combination of


Rules & Regulations

  • The Breaking Battle is a 1 vs 1 battle and is open to all bboys/bgirls, any age or gender.
  • The World Battle is not divided into age divisions. There is no age requirement.
  • Based on the total number of bboys/bgirls entered, qualifying rounds of one (1) minute each will be conducted to narrow the field of competition to the top 16 bboys/bgirls.
  • Two (2) bboys/bgirls will battle at a time to determine which one advances to the next round.
  • The top 16 bboys/bgirls selected will battle in the preliminary rounds, each lasting three (3) minutes until the final four bboys/bgirls have been chosen.
  • The final four bboys/bgirls will battle in the two (2) semifinal rounds each four and a half (4.5) minutes to determine the top two bboys/bgirls.
  • The top two bboys/bgirls will battle in a six (6) minute round for the “World Battle” title.
  • Physical contact in battles will not be tolerated and may result in a disqualification or a score deduction for the dancer or dancers involved.
  • Inappropriate sexual gestures are not advised.
  • All music will be selected by the competition DJ.
  • The judge panel determines order of appearance of bboys/bgirls throughout the battle.
  • Three judges will officiate.