1vs1 Locking Battles


  1. ORIGINAL LOCKING MOVEMENTS (Campbellocking Essence & Foundation)
  2. CHARACTER & CHARISMA (Eye contact and Interaction with environment)
  3. MUSICALITY (Pure Funk, Improvisation & Interaction with the music)
  4. STYLE & GRACE (Execution and Demonstration of body control through balance, strength and range of motion)
  5. ATTITUDE (No fear, Confidence, High energy, Good sportsmanship. Ability to experiment through improvisation and making any mistakes into something meaningful, Focus on the music…not the moves)
  6. FLOOR WORK (Within the Locking vocabulary)
  7. STAGE PRESENCE (Entertainment quality/Performance/Audience connection)
  8. CREATIVITY (Add your flavor, Be Extraordinary)
  9. COSTUMES (Within the Locking Style)
  10. There will be 16 open slots for this battle, a qualifying round will take place to determine the top 16 lockers if needed.
  11. Each battle will consist of two lockers who will battle one another facing each other in one (1) minute rounds for each locker.

*There will be no point system for the battles. (Focus should be on the music not your competition) The judges will judge on each criteria separately.

The judges are looking for the person that encompasses all the above criteria and therefore looking for the COMPLETE LOCKER.

  • Remember: Keep the spirit of locking.
  • Competition is a learning tool. The results reflect hitting the judges’ criteria. The event is designed to help one improve and understand locking better. Unity through understanding. This competition is between you and your potential not any opponents. Do not miss an opportunity to grow. Support the results; it is part of the attitude.


Any questions with the criteria email us at info@hiphopinternational.com