1vs1 Whacking Battles


1. Musicality - Personal rhythm and manipulation in beats while telling a Story or having a Conversation via movement 

2. Originality in usage of arms - clarity with OG arm movements inspired by Bruce Lee’s  nunchucks, symphonic conductor Leopold Stokowski especially noted for his free-hand conducting style that inspired the traditional baton and or lightsabers from Star Wars..such as overheads etc.

3. Creativity in expression via posing - Frozen action inspired by Art Deco and Erte (Romain de Tirtoff) with its angular shapes..and photography book Four Fabulous Faces by Larry Carr or pop culture photography.

4. Usage of space - extreme fluid movement inspired by figure skating, silent movies with jump-cut visuals in editing and footwork with leaps and jumps and turns as dramatic effect.

5. Attire - costuming within the Whacking style. Be creative and thematic. Highlighting country, culture and national pride is encouraged.

6. Feet and arms coordination - having a visual relationship in conquering the music 

7. Floor work in art deco angular movement - same as in # 3 but strictly floor based inspired by Busby Berkeley’s elaborate musical production numbers that often involved complex geometric patterns and shot with overhead camera angles 

8. Full body awareness and control - basically applying all the above and expressing who you are as an artist.

9. No lip syncing

10. No Vogue elements

11.  Artistry in combining all of the above - adding all or most elements to Whacking in battle 

The Whacking Battle is the art of expressing oneself through dance and to music selected by a DJ who is its heartbeat.  The battle is between the DJ and the dancer for the right to be on the dance floor.  All dance music and remixes of songs can be used in the Whacking/Waacking battle as long as it has an energetic BPM that allows the dancer to be free in expressing him/herself.

The origin of the word “Whack” is derived from a 1960’s TV Series Batman and is a verb, to strike forcefully with a sharp blow.

There will be 16 open slots for this battle, preceded by a qualifying round to determine the top 16 Whackers.

Each battle will consist of 2 Whackers who battle 1 vs. 1 in 1 minute rounds for each Whacker.

There will be no point system for the battles. The judges will judge on each criteria separately. The judges are looking for the person that encompasses all the above criteria and therefore looking for the COMPLETE WHACKER.


Any questions with the criteria email us at info@hiphopinternational.com