Videotaping of the USA and World Hip Hop Dance Championships, World Battles and World Moves Dance Workshops is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of Hip Hop International.


No video crews or cameras are allowed inside the competition venues with the exception of news outlets pre-approved by the HHI media team. Approved news crews will be accompanied into the competition venues by HHI media staff.


Video crews requesting the right to shoot at the USA & World Hip Hop Dance Championships and World Battles for personal and/or commercial purposes including documentaries, entertainment programming, Internet, TV, or feature films must be approved by HHI and may be subject to paying a rights fee based on usage.


Approved video crews will have access to shoot in the training rooms, hallways and outside the competition venues. HHI will provide competition b-roll and individual crew routines by written request.


Approved video crews will be provided with media credentials and wrist bands that must be worn at all times to obtain access.


Failure to abide by the above may be subject to the revoking of credentials and access to the remainder of events.


Videotaping of the championship for personal use is not permitted. However, videos of all dance crews’ routines will be available for purchase onsite.