Hop-International’s 2016 World Hip Hip-Hop Dance Championship
HHI 2016 World Street Dance Championship finals last night in Las Vegas, Thomas and Mack Center arena opened. The team will come from 47 countries of the world to start a seven-day race. China’s first national flag fluttering in the HHI hip-hop world championship finals stage.








This morning qualifiers dance Qi small project teams juvenile group, Next from Japan Jr. to first place with 19 other teams qualify together a small team of junior semifinals.

2016 HHI World Hip-Hop small team of junior semifinals qualify for the list:

20. A Play Dohpe of Australia

19. The Khaos of New Zealand

18. A Little Monsters of Be Danza of Colombia

17. The Legion of Shake That at The United Kingdom

16. The Little Rockers of Mexico

X-Style-Kids of 15. A Romania

14. A JB Star Junior of Japan

13. A Xtreme Stepz of Canada

12. The Prodigy of USA

11. The Trouble Makers of USA

10. The Onigashima of Japan

09. Mighty Shock of the SD USA

08. Hellraizers of Australia

07 . the RSK of Canada

06. Bubblegum of New Zealand

05. Scream of Russia

04. LilPeepz of Philippines

03. T.EENAGERS of Canada

02. Kaleidoskope of New Zealand

01. Jr., of the Next Japan

small team Junior qualifying results:




Qi big dance project team entry list:


Shortly after the end of the large team qualifiers, Chinese division big team from Shanghai Qi dance champion Caster United first 50 appearances, on behalf of the Chinese station finals stage. Unfortunately, Caster United preliminaries ranked No. 49, the team failed to qualify for the big dance Qi semifinals. Even so, they created a hip-hop history China HHI Championship.






2016 HHI World Hip-Hop big team semi-finals qualify for the list:

28. The 6.46 Original Sin Italy

27. The Limited’s Edition 6.48 SG Singapore

26. The 6.52 TNK Empire Spain

25. The 6.57 Milkshake MegaCrew Peru

24. The Fam the Drop 6.59 at The USA

23. The Dominican 6.60 the Royalty Republic

22. The 6.75 HoodNation Australia

21. The 6.80 Creatorz the Team Mexico

20. A 6.81 Mega Crew Panama Complot

19. The 6.84 ForceOne Thailand

18. A 6.94 Da’Republik Dominican Republic

17. The 6.97 Homies Spain

16. The 6.98 at The Capital, New Zealand

15. A 7.14 at The Family Canada

Academy of Brothers Australia 7.16 14. A

13. A 7.26 ZBoyz Mafia Australia

12. The 7.31 the UP Street Dance Club Philippines

11. The Family Dance USA 7.49 Chapkis

10. The Ill Fam USA 7.60

09. 7.60 at The Jukebox Mexico

08. 7.68 TwoFourSeven of Co Canada

07. 7.70 D MegaCrw Thailand Maniac

06. 7.97 Red Haze Crew Russia

05. 8.01 LGDM Philippines

04. JB Star Japan 8.02

03. 8.08 Royal Family Varsity New Zealand

02. New Zealand 8.27 ID CO.

01. 8.48 uPeepz Philippines

tomorrow will be a small team of young group and adult qualifiers, China Division small team from Chengdu Qi dance champion “female cat burglar” will represent China in the adult small team qualifying, but also wish the girls team can successfully cut the semifinals August 11 .

Each project will be competing for World Battle tournament kicks off on August 12. Zhu Lin Ke, Liu Chen, George, & Yang Kai Deng Xiang will participate separately Popping, Battle Locking, Breaking and All Style project will produce various kinds of dance the day of Battle championship.

Attached: HHI Finals Schedule

August 8 opening ceremony and welcome

August 9 small and large team Junior team qualifier

Aug. 10 small team of young group and adult group qualifier

on August 11 semi-finals of all teams

August All 12 Battle qualifying and finals

August 13 all Qi dance team finals



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