Three local dancers are elated knowing that they will represent South Africa at the Hip Hop International Championships.

The three dancers, Michael Meredith (17), Nick van der Walt (12) and Luke Harvey (20), are members of Freeze Frame – a 32-member crew competing in the championships.

The 32 dancers hail from the Big Bounce Dance Studio, the Annette Mnyande Dancing School and the street crew Freeze Frame. They are set to compete in the USA in August later this year.

“All of the dancers feel proud to have the opportunity to represent our country at the championships,” said Michael.

Nick said he is excited as going to the championships.

For him it will be his first time going overseas.

Both Nick and Luke added that they are very excited.

“The dancers which we see there and dance against are the same dancers who we watched on youtube and who inspired us to dance. It is real,” said Nick.

The trio said despite all the excitement, there is a feeling of being overwhelmed knowing that they will have to do well.

Michael said the dance crews from New Zealand and the Philippines will be their toughest competition.

“Those two crews recently won the championships, so they know what to do,” said Michael.

But despite this, the trio said they know the championships won’t be easy as everyone competing there is the best of their country.

In order to reach the level of fitness required for the championships, the dancers needed to put in countless hours of practices and effort honing their skills.

Luke said dancers have to ensure they are passionate about what they are doing so that they have the right mindset.

“It is important to be humble and appreciative of this opportunity which we have been given, said Nick.




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