KUSI’s Allie Wagner was live at The Origin Hip Hop Performing Arts Academy for Family Business Thursday.

The Frye family gives all they have for the kids at this dance studio. They have had some struggles in the family biz but they haven’t let anything stop them from keeping their dancers dreams alive. They have won best studio 2 years in a row and most recently took 4 teams to Hip Hop International in AZ. The Origin had 3 of the 4 teams move on and make it to the USA finals. The adult team, OC-Unlimited, took home the bronze medal in the USA competition, making them the 3rd best adult crew in the United States for 2018. This qualified them to move on and compete against the best in the World. Out of 64 teams from 50 different countries OC-Unlimited finished 27th in the world. We consider this studio home and have much love for Darius, Cheryl & Darryl Frye.


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