As you may have heard by now, MTV has not picked up America’s Best Dance Crew for an 8th season. We are saddened by this news. As the show’s creators and executive producers we are proud of 7 great seasons and extend our deepest appreciation to all the talented dancers and the dedicated fans who made the show a hit.

HHI’s mission is “uniting the world through hip hop,” which we have been doing for 12 years with your incredible support. ABDC helped us fulfill that mission as was evident by the spirit of camaraderie on the show. We are thrilled that the show has been the launching pad for so many dancers’ and choreographers’ careers and lifted the spirits of millions of fans. When we started HHI, we always believed there was a place on television for hip hop dance. It took a few years, but we got there!

Please know that we are continuing to pursue all avenues to bring hip hop dance back to television. Stay tuned!

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support.
Howard & Karen Schwartz
Co-creators and Executive Producers