World Street Dance Championship was founded in 2002 and headquartered in Los Angeles. A plurality of television dance competition and international live events agency co-founded, including MTV Randy Jackson produced America’s best dance team, American hip hop dance championship, the World Street Dance Championships, the world fighting dance and urban dance studio. World Street Dance Championships is the world’s highest level, the most authoritative and influential international street dance competition, each year around the world who love hip-hop (HIP-HOP) at the distance of people eager to go to realize their dreams in this arena. World Street Dance Championships through an international network of broadcast media and more than 100 countries worldwide let the audience know and love.

Event from August 8 to August 13 for one week.

In addition to hip-hop world championships, HHI tournament schedule also includes the world’s top hip-hop dancers dance battle to compete by the title World Battles, dances include Breaking, Popping, Locking and All Styles.

There are also the most amount of hip-hop legend Lifetime Achievement Award discuss the selection.

After the completion of the final night of the competition starts Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony and by the most famous hip-hop dancer and choreographer who formed the Urban Moves Dance Studio live performances.

World Street Dance Championships (2016) China Division Chongqing station

Fixtures : May 2016 7-8

Venue : Shapingba District of Chongqing - Sha District Stadium (Shapingba District of Chongqing Yu Han Road, the new body village 12)

Game set items :

Breaking / Popping / Locking / All Style 1v1, Qi dance

Referee :

Breaking-Physicx (South Korea)

Popping-DINO (China)

Locking-PACO (China)

All Style-Marikori (Japan)

Qi dance Referee:




Zhang Jianpeng

The MC :

Liao Bo

DJ :


Bonus set :

Breaking / Popping / Locking: Champion Runner 3000RMB 5000RMB

All Style: Champion Runner 6000RMB 8000RMB

Qi dance:

15 or more: Championship runner-up 30000RMB 50000RMB

5-14 people: Champion 30000RMB runner 20000RMB

Registration :

Because the tournament schedule control, the individual maximum number of participants to 80 people.

Registration edit the text message sent to the following numbers.

Registration SMS format:

  WHHDC register entries + + Name (Please write Qi dance team name)

Example: WHHDC registration Breaking Wang XX (X Dance Crew)

Registration message sent to:

Breaking & Popping project -13,983,993,900

Qi Dance & Locking & All Style project -15,823,880,830

Tel : 13983993900 Liu

Special Note : The game no registration fee, no tickets

World Street Dance Championships (2016) China Division Fixtures Introduction

Event planning in accordance with Chinese hip-hop Championship competition will begin by eye teeth broadcast April 8, the contest’s official website and other means for registration. From April 30, the players in Shanghai, Chongqing, Beijing, Guangzhou and four sub-Division is divided Contest, winners entering the finals in Shanghai, China, held on 2-3 July.Dancers are invited to participate in their country’s territorial sub-division game in which contestants China, Hong Kong and Macao by China Guangzhou Division registration. China National Street Dance Championship will all Hip-Hop lovers to open the door, so that everyone can fully display themselves in this young battlefield. Learned that the Chinese hip-hop championship will broadcast live via live eye teeth, CCTV-5 and the major video sites will also be full coverage of live games.

April 8 - the day before the sub-Division finals

Eye teeth live nationwide auditions and its sub-division ground auditions

April 30- May 1

End Shanghai Sub-Division sea election, the final day

May 7 - May 8

Chongqing sub-Division end of the audition, the final day

May 19 - May 20

End Beijing sub-Division sea election, the final day

June 4 - June 5

End Guangzhou Sub-Division sea election, the final day

July 2 - July 3

Street Dance Championship National Finals China (Shanghai)

August 8 - August 13

The hip-hop Chinese team set off World Street Dance Championships in Las Vegas


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