One of the Cesan brothers’ crews winning gold in the adult division at Hip Hop International’s 2015 World Hip Hop Dance Championship.

They’ve won medals, starred in movies and and been flown around the world to dance.

And now the Cesan brothers’ life less ordinary has been capped off with a capping.

On Friday, brothers Richie, Andrew and Josh graduated from the University of Auckland with Bachelors of Dance Studies.









Brothers Andrew, Josh and Richie Cesan (left to right) have all graduated with Bachelors of Dance Studies.

The trio are a core part of IDentity Dance Company, which won silver in the mega crew division at the World Hip Hop Dance Championships in Las Vegas in 2014.

The brothers, who grew up in Mt Eden, Auckland, have been dancing since they were old enough to walk.

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They put that down to the influence of their mum, Jacqui, who is herself an accomplished dancer and dance educator.

“We played sport and that, but we’ve always just danced,” Josh, 23, says.

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In 2014 the Cesan brothers were part of a dance crew that won silver at the World Hip Hop Dance Championship.

“It’s all I’ve known,” says Andrew, 25.

The brothers are all professional dancers, and have been making money from dancing since their middle teens.

You might recognise Richie and Josh from the movie Born to Dance. Andrew was choreographer and lead dancer in last year’s X Factor.

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The brothers all work as professional hip hop dancers.

And those are just a few items off their long list of achievements.

For oldest brother Richie, 30, the degree has been a long time coming.

“I actually finished uni like eight years ago. I just never got around to graduating, or doing the ceremony, because I kind of just jumped straight into working,” he says.

But it was worthwhile. The brothers say their degrees helped broaden their minds, introducing them to other forms of dance. They also learned some of the more practical skills professional dancers need, like how to apply for funding.

“For me I was quite stuck in my ways as a dancer, and it taught me to be a more versatile dancer. … It’s opened my eyes to different ways of moving,” Josh says.

The trio are set to be pretty busy in the coming years. As well as teaching dance, Richie is choreographing Auckland Theatre Company’s upcoming season of Billy Elliot. Andrew has started a production company. Josh is IDentity’s director.

And in the dance industry, new opportunities are always cropping up.

“It’s never boring. There’s always something really out of it happening,” Richie says.
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