September teenage participate Saturday in an international competition on a large Parisian stage


Lil Beproud (Anaïs, Luna, Carla Leila, Gaëlle and two Jade) in training at Le Pontet.Saturday in Paris, the group “Adults” in the “Studio”, the Beproud, also will compete in the final.PHOTO VALERIE SUAU

They are between 12 and 15 years and Saturday night before 3,700 spectators, they will have two minutes to convince. Based in Le Pontet to Avignon or Saint-Saturnin-les-Avignon, the seven teens Vaucluse arise, at the Congress Palace in Paris, among the favorites (with Grenoble and Lyon) in the national final of the World contest HHI ( Hip Hop International).

Stage name Lil Beproud. A section “teen” created in 2013 by Séverine Guyot, the artistic director of the Studio School (about 450 students Pontet). “It will be the only representatives of the PACA region for this final” (in 2015, they had finished 5th), provides Severine, an electric battery to the contagious vitality.

“You have to be explosive”

To be ready end, the drive is densified in recent months. ” Twelve hours a week is repeated. Some are five more hours with their dance classes” , notes Gaëlle, 13 years. A priesthood also for parents … “They have the energy and desire, but the hardest part is to work on endurance.”

Video Valerie Suau

For the program, “spondent” around two minutes, wants punchy. ” You have to be explosive” testimony Carla, 12, keen on freestyle. As for Leila, 15, she advocates the Coue method: ” With the girls, it is the top spot, we did everything” .All praise Investment Séverine Guyot and ability to bring each up without underestimating stress, fatigue and lassitude. His motto is it not? ” The dance must remain a growth medium and meet each other.

At stake: a place for the world finals in Las Vegas

Broken the flaming results in all competitions when it commits its protected (s) of “Studio”, the dancer-choreographer-coach meticulous eye for detail, be it technical, execution speed or coordination. To see these girls train hard, as a few days ago, on a Saturday afternoon, it is, moreover, besides the spectacular aspect of the spinal harmony that emerges when viewed first Lil Beproud on the dance floor. Mutual trust that is obvious, as they toil to skip figure figure.

Saturday, the challenge will be colossal. Podium finish would mean qualifying for the world finals in August in Las Vegas. A “Very good trip” on the horizon, it gets worse as the supreme motivation, right? But before the gambling capital and “I”, it will pass this final of “we.”



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