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Our society is forever indebted to Toni Basil, who — in 1982 — gifted us with the cheerleader-infused catchy af pop song, “Mickey.”

Oh Mickey, you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind — Hey Mickey!

If you don’t recognize that iconic ’80s jam by itself, you definitely recognize it from the end credits of Bring It On.

When Toni wasn’t performing the catchiest song of the century, she was working as one of the top choreographers of the 1980s — collaborating with artists like The Talking Heads and David Bowie.

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At 72-years-old, her career as a dancer and choreographer is still going strong, and Basil often judges street dance competitions around the world.

This summer, Toni went to a dance workshop held by Babson Baba Sy, a French hip-hop dancer — and Sy immediately recognized the choreography legend. Of course, he asked Basil to come to the front of the class and perform for the other students.


Acknowledge the foot work, the syncopation, the attitude, the pirouettes, the arm movements, the dynamics — EVERYTHING!!!

Toni spoke to BuzzFeed about her ability to still dance so flawlessly at 72-years-old:

“I’ve always been a dancer, and I will always be a dancer. Dance has been my lover, my doctor. I know I have my health because of this… Run to the closest dance studio, and study the style of dance of the music you love… It will become infectious and you’ll keep going back.”

Toni is a lesson in eternal kweendom.




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