So fine she’ll blow your mind

  • If you’ve ever wondered what the lead singer from that 1982 “Hey Mickey you’re so fine” song is up to these days, the answer is “dancing better than you probably ever have in your life.”

    In a video that’s resurfaced on Facebook, 72-year-old Toni Basil, former 80s pop star and current badass, absolutely tears it up at a dance workshop held by French dancer Babson Baba Sy this past summer.

    Buzzfeed points out that Basil choreographed for artists like the Talking Heads and David Bowie, and has judged at international street dance competitions. “I’ve always been a dancer, and I will always be a dancer,” she told them. “Dance has been my lover, my doctor. I know I have my health because of this.”

    Popcrush has more on Basil’s impressive dance resume:

    ”Basil directed and choreographed [Tina] Turner’s 50th anniversary tour, which ran from 2008-2009, and also [Bette] Midler’s Vegas show ‘The Showgirl Must Go On,’ which also ran from 2008-2009. Basil’s dancing feats don’t stop there. Basil choreographed scenes in major motion pictures like ‘Legally Blonde,’ ‘That Thing You Do’ and ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding.’ She has also directed critically-acclaimed commercials (she even won an Emmy for one!) and was also a guest judge on the hit competition series ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ in 2009. She has won several awards for her work as a choreographer, including a Living Legend of Hip Hop award at the 2009 World Hip Hop Dance Championship.”

    Let’s hope today’s pop stars are half that good when they reach their 70s!



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