Azaria Bradley, aged 22, runs a dance school called Blessed Creative Arts and has always been a fan of hip-hop.

She had to travel and perform in Portsmouth in order to qualify and be able to take part in the competition, which will take place in Phoenix, Arizona, in August.


Azaria Bradley, fifth left centre row, with members of Team GB


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Azaria Bradley

She said: “I started dancing when I was 10 years old, which is quite late. I actually started out acting first and discovered I was naturally talented with classical dance. I am the person who is representing Kent in Team GB.”

The World Hip Hop Dance Championship features many schools.

Azaria continued: “I suffered from anxiety and depression really badly – it affected me in certain jobs I did, and I can honestly say it is a serious plus being able to express myself through dance.”

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Azaria Bradley, front row second right, with local dancers from Blessed Creative Arts based at Westwood Industrial Estate

In order to pay for the travel to America, Azaria and the rest of the Great Britain team must fund their own expenses, about £3,000 each. A crowdfunding page has been set up to cover some of the costs. To help pay for the travel, Azaria is planning to put on a dance show for International Dance Day on Saturday, April 29.

Among the venues under consideration is Dreamland, but plans are yet to be finalised.

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